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Professional Training

and Mentorship Programs

Join our fast-track mentorship program where we jumpstart your financial career into a Wall Street firm


Wall Street Express was founded in 2016 to help undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates connect with investment banking and M&A opportunities in the US and worldwide. 


Mission 1

Our first mission will be to connect you with a real internship at a prestigious M&A firm where you will work on real client engagements.  In this position, you will learn the language of investment banking and understand the process of completing transactions.  



Mission 2

We will help you with your resume, LinkedIn, interview preparation, and assist you in the development of strong networking skills that will position you to land your dream job in investment banking, M&A or other financial fields.


Mission 3

This experience will enable you to land a position at a larger and more prestigious firm.  Other students have used this program to leverage their applications to first-class graduate schools.

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What Students Say

"After thorough training, I was responsible for conducting due diligence, preparing valuations, drafting offering memoranda, preparing marketing materials, and screening for potential buyers." ---- Lichen Bu


Students who have gone through our programs have secured jobs at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, UBS, and many other international financial institutions around the world. They have also been admitted to graduate programs at prestigious universities such as Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, Yale, etc.

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Available Programs

Wall Street Internships - Spring 2024

Wall Street Internships - Summer 2024

Wall Street Internships - Fall 2024

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